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Engaging Hypnotherapy Courses In Australia

Whether you have an interest in hypnotherapy or are looking at developing your skills, we offer a variety of hypnotherapy courses to suit your needs. Train with our qualified lecturers and develop your healing skills quickly. Based in South Australia we have the ability to teach throughout Australasia via WebEx, our courses include the Foundation Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma and more. We also extend our practical courses to Perth (WA) and Brisbane (QLD).

Foundation Certificate Course

This course has been developed to prepare individuals for Clinical work in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy using guided visualization (trance) as an adjunct to counselling/psychotherapeutic techniques. It teaches, at a foundation level, the application of hypno-psychotherapy therapy in health sciences and human services, particularly but not exclusively, in the form of Enhanced CBT. 

This course is a self-contained course (650 hr) in its own right and with Membership of the AHA (for example) will permit grading as a Professional Member with access to Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and access to up to 15 Health Insurance providers. You can commence immediate Clinical practice and as you increase your clinic hours and enhance your studies (for example with Mental Health) you can become eligible for Clinical Membership also.
The course is a pre-requisite for ALL higher courses in ICHP Australia unless Recognition of prior Learning (RPL) has been granted.

Course Costs/Venue/Dates:

Please contact ICHP(Australia) on or ring 0412 907 363 and we will send you details of the next Practicals and Venues.

Course Components and Content

On Line Learning Modules + 5 Practical Days + Assessments 
  • A Model of the Mind
  • Enhanced CBT 1234 model
  • Clinical Session Structure
  • Clinical Interview
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Reflective Counselling
  • Commitment & Goal setting 
  • History of Trance Therapies
  • Conscious / Subconscious minds
  • Laws of Suggestion
  • Self-hypnosis Conditioning
  • Relaxation procedures
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Representational Systems
  • Indirect Suggestion
  • Regression Therapy
  • Suggestion Formulation
  • Guided Visualisations
  • Weight Loss therapy
  • Smoking Cessation Therapy
  • Matching & Mirroring
  • Abreactions and Catharsis
  • Ideo-Motor Signalling
  • Catalepsy & Arm Levitation
  • Phobias, Anxiety, Panic
  • Hemispheric Brain Dominance 
  • Stress Level Profile
  • Miscellaneous Clinical Situations (STOP/REDIRECT)
  • Clinical Scripts & Metaphors
  • Maslow Needs & Erickson developmental pathway
  • Basic Psychotherapeutic techniques: basic NLP, parts therapy, brief, swish, etc.
  • Ethical and Legal Issues

Diploma Of Hypno Counselling

This course has been developed for those who wish to begin a Hypno-counselling practice or add Hypnosis to their existing Counselling practice to enhance it considerably. The pre-requisite course is the Foundation Course and the total hours for this Diploma are 1500 hrs + 100 hrs Practical of which 50 hrs are provided by the Foundation Course.

The Resources for the course are again to be found at the Student-only On Line site (hold down and click address) (Graduates of the Foundation Course will already have a Log In).

Your Health Insurance Provider numbers obtained through Professional Membership of AHA will again be appropriate to your Clinical Practice. Clinical Supervision of your practice can be supplied by ICHP Australia accredited Supervisors or other approved Supervisors. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can also be supplied by attendance at further ICHP training Modules which earn an Attendance certificate. Fulfilment of CPD is a requirement of provision of Provider Numbers.

Course Costs/Venue/Dates:

Please contact ICHP(Australia) on or ring 0412 907 363 and we will send you details of the next Practicals and Venues.

Course Components and Content

On Line Learning Modules + 10 Practical Days + Assessments
  • Advanced counselling practice
  • Counselling-psychotherapies
  • Special attributes of Trance
  • Safety & Cost effectiveness
  • eCBT dimensions
  • Psychosynthesis imagery
  • Gestalt techniques
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Hypno-meditation
  • Trance management
  • Hypno-regression BCHAPS
  • Hypno-analysis in counselling
  • Dream analysis
  • Hypno-counselling for Self-Development
  • Parts Therapy and Big Mind
  • Stress management
  • Pathologies arising from Stress
  • Traumatisation
  • PTSD Resolution
  • Action Plan for Stress
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depressed mood
  • Threat thresholds
  • Free association
  • Guided Mindfulness
  • Habit control & reduction
  • Substance abuse Neuro-science
  • Creative imagery
  • Self regulation

Diploma in Mental Health & Wellbeing

This Hypno-psychotherapy Diploma course in Mental Health & Well-being is designed to support suitably qualified graduates in 
Clinical practice where they seek referrals not only by advertising and self-referral but also directly from GP Clinics and Psychiatrists. Some 90% of people with a Psychological or Emotional problem seek help from their GP first in Australia. The GP, if required, will then make an appropriate referral. Providing your local GP Clinic with details of your treatments, their underlying Evidence-based protocols and relevant Brochures, and perhaps even short CDs designed to rewrite neural pathways in areas such as Anxiety and Panic disorder, can make an enormous difference to your GP/Client list. 

The Foundation certificate is the minimum requirement for a place on this Diploma Course. This course requires students to complete phase two (the Hypno-counselling content) and a further 750 hrs making a total of 2250 hrs which includes attendance at a minimum of 15 days face-to-face Supervised experiential training, which is usually spread over 12 months. Tuition is practical and intensive and there is continuous assessment of each students progress. Time is also allocated to dealing with any issues that have arisen with On Line studies.

Through course support is provided via Email and dedicated SKYPE sessions and if necessary (eg: because of distance or disability) through a WebEx on line classroom.

Course Components and Content

On Line Learning Modules + 5 Practical Days + Assessments 
  • DSM V Anxiety disorders
  • DSM V Depressed Mood disorders
  • DSM V Trauma resolution 
  • DSM V Stress disorders
  • DSM V Personality disorders
  • Psycho-somatic disorders
  • Medical support (Surgery and etc)
  • Relationships in Crisis
  • Personality typing
  • Deeper self-hypnosis
  • Trance time management
  • Hypnosis and sport
  • Hypnosis and pain management
  • Hypnosis and learning
  • Hypnosis and Transpersonal (Spiritual) Development
  • Hypnosis and substance abuse
  • Hypnosis and sexual dysfunction
  • Hypnosis and the anxiety disorders
  • Hypnosis and compulsions (including DSM V Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Hypnosis and emotional disorders
  • Hypnosis and creativity
  • Hypnosis and cardio-vascular problems
  • Dealing with potential Self harm
  • Live” therapy sessions
  • Case studies/histories
  • Using Transference
  • Negative & positive hallucinations
  • Time distortion
  • Memory reconsolidation
  • Working with Children and Adolescents
  • Ericksonian approaches
  • Verbal and Somatic bridges
  • Hypnosis , weight loss and eating disorders
  • Hypnosis and the Psycho-biology of mind-body healing
  • Hypnosis and affirmations
  • Hypnosis and performance
  • Hypnosis and smoking cessation
  • Integrative Analytical Therapy (HIT)
  • Hypnosis & Sexual dysfunction
  • Hypnosis with Terminal Illness
  • Hypnosis with Sleep disorders
  • Schema therapy
  • Further applications of Enneagram Typing
  • Age regression and progression

Course Materials

Course materials are provided On Line at and include CDs, DVDs, Audio files, Manuals, including additional Script manuals. Further materials are supplied at Practical class to assist in conduct of the experiential tasks.

Practical Classes

The extra 5 day intensive(s) are used to clarify and elucidate the material learnt in the non-contact mode and provide opportunity for demonstration and practice. In addition a number of different psychotherapeutical approaches, which are suitable for use in combination with Hypnotic techniques to treat certain disorders, are examined, demonstrated and practiced. These include:
  • Person-centred therapy (Dr Carl Rogers);
  • Classical cognitive-behavioural therapy (Dr Aaron T. Beck);
  • Psychosynthesis (Dr Roberto Assagioli);
  • Gestalt (Drs Fritz and Laura Perls);
  • Parts Therapy (Roy Hunter and Big Mind Genpo Roshi)
  • Cognitive and Analytical Therapy (Dr Carl Jung);
  • Existential Therapy (Irvin Yalom and Rollo May);
  • Cognitive-humanistic therapy (Dr Richard Nelson-Jones); 
  • Transpersonal Therapy (Ken Wilber, Dr Roger Walsh and Dr Frances Vaughan)

Advanced Diploma

This Advanced level Course takes the Diploma Mental Health and Well-being graduate who is engaged in Clinical work on to the more advanced Hypnotic techniques and Hypno-psychotherapeutic approaches which have proved so successful in Clinic. The course introduces a range of well established and proven brief therapy” Protocols which research has shown increase Clinical effectiveness by a factor of between 2 and 3. 

Successful graduation from the Diploma MH and Wellbeing course is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Diploma course. Graduates are required to complete a further 750 hrs (which may also be reduced by granting recognition for prior learning and/or current practice).  At least 500 hrs are focused on increasing practical skills and on the application of those skills in the Graduates clinical work where clinical support is so important. The remaining 250 hrs are dedicated towards advancing theoretical understanding. 

The focus of the Course is Clinical practice and the provision of support for on-going practice employing Evidence-based best practice Hypno-psychotherapy Protocols for a range of conditions commonly presented in Clinic. This course provides COMPLETE information for these conditions that includes:

  • A description of the treatment for a given disorder/issue. This description is suitable for distribution to Clients and in some cases for Psychiatrists, GPs or other referring organisations.
  • An appropriate Protocol/Treatment plan which is evidence-based and best practice.
  • Supportive Client educational material (A4 illustrations that can be laminated) for Psycho-education of Clients.
  • Recommended running Assessment tools and templates for them.
  • Profile templates when appropriate (eg: Smoking, Over-eating, Pain etc)
  • A Script Pack covering global issues in early sessions and unique Client issues in later sessions.
  • CD scripts for between session consolidation and reinforcement. 
  • A spreadsheet template for recording and reporting Client progress during treatment.
  • Research references for the Clinician.
The Protocols come in Data Packs and represent many years of practical clinical experience drawn from the ICHP schools in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Australia. As such their distribution is to be limited to Diploma and existing Advanced Diploma Graduates from those schools who are in, or entering into, Clinical practice. 

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