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We believe that health is both a social investment and challenge. We contribute to the education of individuals and groups through accredited training programs, to promote and facilitate healthy lifestyle practices. We're committed to helping others reach their potential and enhance their wellbeing. Through the use of established health and lifestyle clinics, we support individuals in distress or in need of guidance. For engaging Hypno-psychotherapy training throughout Australia contact our team today.

The study of hypnosis

The ability to induce trance takes time to master and use the skill as an effective therapy. When properly trained, the ability to induce trance is an easy skill to acquire. The team at ICHP are world renowned trainers in hypnosis and hypnotherapy-psychotherapy. With years of ongoing practical experience, we make the study of hypnosis achievable and enjoyable.  

What you learn

When you study with us, you will learn the ethical, evidence-based neural application of hypnotic techniques in neuro-hypnopsychotherapy, including: 
  • Ensuring your client is a safe candidate for the application of hypnotic techniques
  • Establishing a trusting, secure and empathic client-centred relationship
  • Understanding the client's goals
  • Facilitating the journey towards goals, well-being, and self-discovery
  • When and how to refer if additional support is required
  • Ethical practice
Acquiring healing skills comes with great responsibility. Practitioners have a duty of care that must be exercised at all times. We operate within a strong code of ethics, which members must agree to while undergoing training and professional development. 


We are responsible for our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and psychosomatic systems. Our hypnotic methods and psychotherapeutic models will allow you to assist your clients in understanding these emotional states and changing their inner defense mechanisms. Through a variety of techniques, you will assist your client in overcoming self-limiting behaviours to achieve a healthy emotional state.

Meet our trainers

Our principal lecturers have been trained by Dr. Joe Keaney in Ireland. Alongside training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, our lecturers have additional qualifications across multiple disciplines including science, education, social science, health counseling psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, transpersonal counselling and natural sciences. Our Principal lecturers are certified in training and assessment and continue to partake in professional development courses. Additionally, ICHP (Australia) trainers assist ICHP (Ireland) in providing postgraduate courses and training programs.
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Principal And Director Of Studies – Dr. Peter L. George

Peter George is the principal and director of studies in Australia. He holds a professional doctorate in education in hypno-psychotherapy awarded in 2010 and is an honorary fellow of the international register of evidence-based hypno-psychotherapists. After gaining his diploma in analytical hypnotherapy and an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy/psychotherapy, he undertook postgraduate studies at the university of South Australia in health counselling (social science). Peter is on the advisory board of ICHP (Ireland) and teaches the master's certificate postgraduate course as a member of faculty each year in Dublin. 
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Principal Lecturer And Clinical Supervisor ICHP (Australia) – Deborah George

Deborah George is a principal lecturer for ICHP. She holds a professional master's postgraduate certificate in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy awarded in recognition for her contribution over the years 2011-2015. This was inclusive to both theory and practice in the field of hypno-psychotherapy and specifically for the professional services to the education of hypno-psychotherapists. Deborah currently lectures for ICHP (Australia) in Adelaide and Brisbane and runs a private practice, servicing Southeast Australia. 

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Senior Lecturer And Clinical Supervisor ICHP (Australia) – Leigh Milne

Leigh Milne currently holds a bachelor of arts (psychology) an advanced diploma clinical hypno-psychotherapy and Cert IV training and assessment. Leigh has been an allied health professional for many years accumulating over 10 years' experience in the mind-body medicine field. Leigh currently runs her private practice in Perth and lectures for ICHP Australia. She is a clinical member and approved (AHA) Australian hypnotherapist association supervisor for Perth. 
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Lecturer And Clinical Supervisor ICHP (Australia) 
Deborah Morgan 

Deborah Morgan currently holds an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, a diploma in professional counselling and Cert IV training and assessment. Deborah is the Brisbane appointed supervisor and lecturer for ICHP (Australia) hypno-psychotherapy students/graduates in Queensland. Shalso has a comprehensive understanding of the course material from foundation level through to advanced diploma. 

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Clinical Supervisor And Mentor ICHP (Australia) – Lynda Watson 

Lynda Watson currently holds an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and a certificate in holistic, integrative therapy (HIT). Lynda has undergone specialised training in hypnotic anesthesiology, pediatric hypnosis, emergency hypnosis as well as the hypno-banding weight loss system. Lynda is the Adelaide appointed clinical supervisor and mentor for ICHP (Australia) hypno-psychotherapy students/graduates in South Australia.
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Mentor And Clinical Supervisor ICHP (Australia) – Peter Mcmahon

Peter holds an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. He integrated hypnosis, mindfulness, analytical psychotherapy and enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy in his private practice. Peter treats anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, weight control and eating disorders such as bulimia, binge eating, and anorexia and also offers specialised executive support programs for executives and entrepreneurs. He is a recognised clinical supervisor with the Australian hypnotherapist association (AHA) and ICHP (Australia). 

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Mentor's And Student Support ICHP (Australia) – Mark And Cass Wylie

Mark holds an advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and a diploma in business management. Cass holds a diploma in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Their main focus in clinical practice is working with children and adolescence specialising in disability, anxiety and autism spectrum disorder. They have a comprehensive understanding of the course material from foundation level through to advanced diploma and have more than 1000 hours of clinical experience.
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IT Support Members Of ICHP Australia

  • Head of IT management, web master and mentor ICHP (Australia) – Craig Brown
  • Web developer and IT support ICHP (Australia) – Daniel Formosa

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