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Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy Training In Australia

Welcome to ICHP Australia – the nationally endorsed evidence-based hypno-psychotherapy training specialists in Australasia.

At ICHP Australia we educate students by offering foundation, diploma and advanced diploma courses through experiential-humanistic and cognitive-behavioural-based training and assessment, plus the clinical application of hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy. With our assistance, you’ll learn how to recognise and apply the most appropriate method for treatment, plus learn how to correctly diagnose clients in an ethical and effective manner. Read on to find out much more about ICHP Australia, our affiliates and when and where we offer our "blended" courses (On Line plus Face-to-Face Practicals) in the following pages.

You may also wish to consult the following ancillary websites:
Student-only site at www.hypnopeople.com 
Clinical site at www.clinicalhypnotherapy-australia.com 
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Our Courses and Fees

ICHP Australia currently teaches the ICHP Foundation, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses under licence to our International headquarters in Europe. Our Course format is intended to ensure experiential-humanistic and cognitive-behavioural-based training and assessment and clinical application, in support of evidence-based (best practice) Clinical hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy. 

Established over two decades ago, our courses are taught at paraprofessional and professional level throughout Australia and Europe under a regime of Professional Vocational Education and Higher Education.

It is important to note that theFoundation Certificate is a complete course in its own right that is rated at sufficient hours (750) and with the prescribed Counselling content, that it will support immediate Clinical practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with appropriate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you wish to proceed beyond the Foundation course you can upgrade to the Diploma of Hypno-counselling which will extend the scope of your practice to include Hypno-analysis and Parts therapy. If you know that you will need Mental Health training then you can further upgrade to the Diploma in Mental Health & Wellbeing. At a later date still you may wish to upgrade to the Advanced Diploma in Hypno-psychotherapy that will give you exclusive use in your Clinic of some 24 very detail documented evidence-based (Best Practice) Treatment Protocols for a vast range of Client difficulties. 

You may even choose eventually to undertake Post Graduate studies in Integrative Hypno-psychotherapy.

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About Our Trainers

ICHP Australia’s principal lecturers/trainers and supervisors are highly experienced clinical therapists with post-grad qualifications, degrees and advanced diplomas in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Dr. Joe Keaney has trained all of our Australasian based lecturers. In addition to training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, our lecturers share amongst them postgraduate training in the following:
  • Science
  • Education
  • Social science
  • Health counselling-psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Transpersonal counselling
  • Plus a number of additional diploma and certificate level training in natural sciences
Our lecturers are also certified in training and assessment at diploma and/or Certificate IV levels, or have undergone the teacher's training course run by Dr. Keaney. In addition, all trainers undergo continuing professional development in order to keep their qualifications and skills relevant in the modern era. 
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ICHP Charter

We recognise the promotion and maintenance of health as a major social investment and challenge. We seek to contribute to the education of people through accredited healthy lifestyle training programs with a view to facilitating:
  • The actualisation of each individual’s potential
  • The realisation of aspirations
  • The overall enhancement of wellbeing of the individual and society as a whole
Through established health and lifestyle clinics we also seek to offer support to those individuals in need of guidance or in distress.
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The Study of Hypnosis

At ICHP Australia we believe that when properly taught, individuals will be able to learn how to induce a trance state quite easily. It does, however, take time to learn how to use this skill effectively and responsibly. Our reputation as a leading hypno-psychotherapy training school in Australia means our educators are highly practiced with many years of practical on the job expertise. If you choose to enroll in our courses you can expect to learn:
  • How to ensure your client is a safe candidate for hypnotism
  • All about the ethical and evidence-based application of hypnotic techniques
  • How to communicate with the client and establish trust
  • How to work towards set goals for each hypnotherapy session
  • When and how to refer clients that require further treatment beyond your skill set
By undergoing training with ICHP Australia, you are operating with the understanding that your skills come with a great deal of responsibility and a duty of care. We maintain that as a graduated practitioner, you must agree to regular supervision and ongoing professional development. With our assistance, you’ll be able to apply the psychotherapeutic models and hypnotic techniques taught to help your client understand and change their inner defensive programs and mental states.
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The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy (ICHP) 
In Australia

The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy is affiliated to the National Council for Hypnotherapy (UK) and administered by Dr. Joe Keaney. Dr. Keaney established the ICHP in 1990 to fill the evident need for the comprehensive, contemporary and structured training of Hypnotherapy. 

He currently holds accreditation from the:
  • General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK)
  • National Guild of Hypnotherapists (USA)
  • American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (USA)
  • International Society for Professional Hypnosis) (USA)
  • American Institute of Hypnotherapy (USA)
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy (USA)
  • Irish Hypnotherapy Examiner’s Board(Ireland)
  • Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy Register (Ireland)
  • European Therapy Studies Institute (Europe)
In Australia, the ICHP is nationally endorsed by hypnotherapy organisations such as the Australian Hypnotherapist's Association (AHA) and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH). It is also a member organisation of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia HCA. The training programmes of the ICHP cover two fundamental aspects of hypnotherapy. 

These are:
  • Suggestion Therapy
  • Analytical Therapy
These two forms of therapy are used in conjunction with trance techniques and person-centric, evidence-based psychotherapy. All courses encapsulate a diverse range of psychotherapeutic and therapeutic modalities that include:
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy
  • Family systems therapy
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Psycho-synthesis
  • Ericksonian hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Ego state/parts therapy
  • Guided imagery
  • Inner child work
  • Self-development and transpersonal work
  • Past life regression

About Dr. Joe Keaney 

Dr. Joe E. Keaney Ph.D., D.Clin.Hyp., D.Psych., BA.

The head of the ICHP is Dr. Joe Keaney who holds a number of degrees and qualifications relating to hypnotherapy. He has also completed his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy through AIH and is the current director of the Irish Hypnotherapy Examiners Board, plus the Course Director of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and administrator of the post-graduate program. 

Dr. Keaney is also a member of many hypnotherapy and psychotherapy associations across the US, UK, and Europe. His private practice is located in Cork City, Ireland, where he works as a clinical hypnotherapist and trainer in addition to giving lectures on hypnotherapy and psychotherapy at:
  • The ICHP Advanced Diploma Programme in Griffith College Dublin
  • The Marino Institute of Education Dublin
  • The Therapy House in Cork City
Dr. Keaney holds over twenty years of practical experience in hypnosis with over 40,000 clinical inductions completed. He is also a Founding Member of UKCHO United Kingdom Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations. 

About The ICHP

Since 1990 the ICHP has continued to expand and now boasts hundreds of graduates across the world in a variety of private practices. The ICHP has also developed a number of international partner organisations, namely:
  • ICHP Australia
  • ICHP Sweden
  • ICHP Germany
Taking into account all the training courses, workshops, master classes and presentations by overseas speakers, the Institute is probably one of the largest providers of training in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy in the world. Without a doubt, your qualifications will receive recognition no matter where you end practicing.
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