Hypnotherapy resources in Australia

Looking to deepen your practice? We’ve compiled a list of excellent online hypnotherapy resources and book recommendations to broaden your understanding of hypnotherapy. Or why not take the next step and enrol in one of our engaging professional development courses? For hypnotherapy training in Australia, contact our team today.

Online resources

Enhance your understanding of hypnotherapy with these fantastic online resources: 

Find out more hypnosis with these great reads: 
  • The Art of Hypnosis - Roy Hunter
  • The Art of Hypnotherapy - Roy Hunter
  • Essentials of Hypnosis - Michael Yapko PhD
  • Analytical Hypnotherapy, Volume 1 - Jacqulyne Morison
  • Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy, Volume 2 - Rodger P. Allen
The Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud:
  • A Critical Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
  • A Dictionary of Psychology and
  • Self Hypnotism, The Technique and Its Uses in Daily Living - Leslie M. Lecron
  • The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, Volume 5 - Sigmund Freud
  • An Introduction to Jung's Psychology - Frieda Fordham
  • The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology

Professional Development Courses

We offer a range of 2-day hypno-psychotherapy professional development courses in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, taught two to three times a year.

Our courses include: 
  • Anxiety and depressive mood disorders including mental health protocols
  • Self-development (actualisation of potential)
  • Ego states, sub-personalities and "parts" in hypno-psychotherapy
  • Hypno-analytic techniques
  • Therapeutic mindfulness and applications
  • Trauma therapy and PTSD treatment
  • Psychobiology of healing in psychosomatic disorders
  • Relationships in Crisis
  • Regression in hypno-psychotherapy
  • Personality disorders including OCD
Online resources are available for each course. Appropriate attendance certificates can be issued if attending the practical components. Once signed off by our registered clinical supervisors the certificates can be used for CPD with most relevant professional associates. To find out our course dates, please contact us.

Learn more about what we offer. Call  0412 907 363.
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